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What is Victory Mondays?

Victory Mondays is a new platform where athletes can celebrate a win by auctioning off special memorabilia or experiences for their favorite causes.

Founded by NFL veteran and NFLPA Vice President Michael Thomas, Victory Mondays is the easiest way for athletes to use their stature to do good in their communities. He or she simply decides what they would like to put up for bid and which charity they would like the auction to benefit.
For fans and collectors, Victory Mondays is the best way to get unique and priceless memorabilia and experiences directly from your favorite athletes. And the best part is that all of the net proceeds for each auction are paid directly to the charity of the athlete’s choice.

For athletes and charities, Victory Mondays gets your auction in front of countless potential bidders from our extensive network of fans and collectors, helping you raise the most money possible for your favorite cause.